Rules of conduct on the Kremlin grounds and premises

The Moscow Kremlin is generally open for visits daily, except Thursday (which is the day-off), from 10am to 5pm.

The entrace to the Kremlin grounds is through the Kutafiya Tower and Borovitskaya Tower, while the exit is available through the Kutafiya and Spasskaya Tower gates.

Entrance to the Moscow Kremlin grounds, the necropolis in the Kremlin Wall and Lenin's Mausoleum is forbidden to visitors with weapons, visitors who are drunk or in any other way violate public order, visitors with bulky belongings (suitcases, travel bags, backpacks, skis, gyroscopes, scooters, bicycles and the like, with the exception of baby strollers), with sharp and easily broken objects, objects with sharp parts, flammable, aPTT, toxic, poisonous, dirty and foul-smelling objects and substances, as well as animals.

Women are required to cover their heads when visiting Russian Orthodox cathedrals, while men must enter with their hats off.

Objects and substances not allowed on the Moscow Kremlin grounds, the necropolis and Lenin's Mausoleum, can be left by visitors in the storage room located in the Alexander Garden. Weapons may be left with the military Commandant's Office in Moscow.

The Moscow Kremlin Commandant's Service of the FSS of Russia have the right to inspect visitors, as well as to inspect items and objects visitors bring along, including with the use of technical means. Visitors to the Moscow Kremlin grounds and the necropolis are not allowed to:

  • enter fenced-off areas and premises closed for visiting;
  • drink alcohol, be drunk or otherwise disrupt public order;
  • travel on bicycles, scooters, roller skates and other similar transport and sports facilities;
  • apply inscriptions and post ads, posters and other products of information content;
  • carry out trade, distribute tickets, conduct excursions and carry out other activities for the purpose of obtaining income without written approval from the Commandant's Office;
  • use audio equipment with included sound reinforcement, as well as sing, dance and play musical instruments;
  • wear dirty clothes, as well as bring luggage, objects, products that can stain visitors, monuments and structures;
  • pollute and clog the territory of the Moscow Kremlin, the necropolis and the Lenin's Mausoleum.

The territory of the Moscow Kremlin or parts of it, the necropolis in the Kremlin wall, Lenin's Mausoleum, the territory of the Red Square and Alexander Garden can be closed to visitors due to security reasons on the orders of the Moscow Kremlin commandant's office, FSS of Russia.


The ticket and excursion office has an entrance ramp for wheelchair users. The steps-free access is at the left side of the building. The official entrance to the Kremlin grounds through the Kutafiya Tower is equipped with a ramp. As the entrances to the museums inside the cathedrals, the Patriarch's Palace, exhibition halls and the Armoury Chamber are not wheelchair accessible (except the Assumption Cathedral), extra assistance is required. 


The entrance to the ticket and excursion office and the passage to the ticket window are equipped with a corduroy tactile paving, which helps to understand the necessary direction when unassisted. The ticket office is equipped with a tactile display terminal and an audio-tactile mnemonic map terminal.

If circumstances may require, visitors with physical disabilities and visitors with visual or hearing impairment could use a special button to the right of the central and the left side entrances of the ticket and excursion office.


Items forbidden to be brought to the territory of the Moscow Kremlin are large-size baggage, ski, sledges, snowboards, scooters, hoverboards, bicycles etc., except for children's strollers and baby carriages. No entry with animals.

  1. The left luggage office of the Moscow Kremlin is open daily from 900 to 1830.
    On the occasion of divine services, held in the Kremlin cathedrals, the left luggage office is open from 730 to 1830; during cultural events, celebrated in the State Kremlin Palace, luggage can be stored from 900 to 2300. Intervals: 1100 - 1130 and 1530 - 1600.
  2. The baggage storage service is provided for guests of the Moscow Kremlin after presentation of the entrance tickets (or an invitation card) to the Armoury Chamber and other museums of the Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum and Heritage Site, as well as to the Grand Kremlin Palace, exposition of the State Diamond Fund, theatrical performances and other shows, carried out in the State Kremlin Palace, and religious events, celebrated in the Kremlin cathedrals.
  4. All items accepted for storage, undergo a careful security check. The luggage is required to be screened using security scanning equipment. Accepting luggage for deposit is certified by issuing a luggage check (receipt), which is later used by visitors when retreiving the deposited luggage.
  5. The deposited luggage must be carefully packed and securely locked in order to exclude the possibility of leak, loss or other damage caused to stored items and the infrastructure, equipment of the left luggage office. Unsuitable, overweight, unsafe, or previously damaged luggage may be refused.
    1. weapons, flammable liquids, explosives, ammunition, detonators and related equipment;
      documents, money, jewellery and other valuable items;
    2. poisonous or perishable products, food, sharp objects or cutting and stabbing implements which are not carefully packed and securely locked;
    3. baggage measuring more than 150 cm/60 inch (total outside dimensions; length + width + height);
    4. animals, birds (including pets), reptiles and etc.;
    5. ski, sledges, snowboards, scooters, bicycles etc., except for children's bicycles, strollers and baby carriages.
  7. Items left by the Moscow Kremlin visitors, are to be returned during opening hours of the left luggage office on the day they were accepted for storage.
  8. After closing time the uncollected luggage is opened for mandatory handsearch and making an inventory list incorporating all the baggage contents. Items can be stored in the left luggage office up to 10 days, whereupon the unclaimed baggage is considered abandoned and liable to utilization, selling or destruction (in case of being unsafe to be kept in the left luggage office) in accordance with federal laws and regulations of the Russian Federation.
  9. In case the luggage check is lost the visitor is required to present passport or other appropriate identification and detail the exact contents of the baggage in written form. The items can be retrieved only after closing time of the left luggage office, in case the ownership of the items is verified by the customer's report.
  10. The left luggage office accepts no responsibility for damage or natural deterioration of the luggage items left with it when it was not caused directly by its storage in the left luggage office, as well as in case the luggage is received by other persons on presentation of the luggage check .