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Экскурсионно-туристическая компания «Мос-Тур» ПН-ПТ 9:00 - 19:00, СБ 10:00 - 15:00, ВС - выходной день


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Экскурсия "Кремль: история и шедевры"

A large complex in which to spend an entire morning or afternoon to be able to visit all the... Read in full

22.04.2017 / Pierre

Экскурсия "Кремль: история и шедевры"

The administrative headquarters of the region, a permanent modern art museum and another temporary,... Read in full

12.04.2017 / Vanessa

Экскурсия "Кремль: история и шедевры"

It is a place that travels much of the history of Russia, where many historical events occurred,... Read in full

02.04.2017 / Pablo

Экскурсия "Кремль: история и шедевры"

I already knew a little about the Kremlin before I went on the tour, or so I thought! Our guide was so knowledgable and informative, I would recommend this tour to any one visiting Moscow. Read in full

25.03.2017 / Humphrey