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03.07.2018 / Guided tour review «Moscow Kremlin»
Peter & Diane
The Kremlin is a must-see in Moscow, we went on the tour with Irina and didn’t know what to expect but WOW, there is so much to learn about Russian history here! Our personal favourite was seeing the bell, what a shame it has never rung, it's amazing!
03.07.2018 / Guided tour review «The Armoury Chamber»
Paula and Deirdre

The masterpieces and artwork here is not available in any other part of the world. We saw a documentary on it at home and when we came to Moscow we just had to take a tour and we’re glad we took this one, it was so informative and thorough, whilst not at all boring, many thanks Irina.

25.06.2018 / Guided tour review «Moscow Kremlin»

It is a place that travels much of the history of Russia, where many historical events occurred, you can see ancient weapons and armour, learn about history and also see where the president lives. A really great tour!

20.06.2018 / Guided tour review «The Armoury Chamber»

WOW, what an amazing cross section of Russian History! I studied Russian history and I must say that I was blown away by what I saw and learnt from our expert guide. If you are in Moscow, you simply must take this tour.

10.06.2018 / Guided tour review «Moscow: City Sightseeing by Car/Bus»
Mr. Smithins
This is now my new favourite city, I can’t stop telling people to forget what they see in the news and go and visit. So much history and legend, so much to see. My particular favourite was to finally get to see the Bolshoi Theatre, what a wondrous sight to behold! The former KGB headquarters as well, just something about it. All in all, this was a brilliant tour and I learnt so much more than I would have from a book. I can’t thank you enough!
04.06.2018 / Guided tour review «Moscow: City Sightseeing by Car/Bus»
Moscow had always been high on my list of places to visit, especially given its rich and somewhat mysterious history for someone of my age. I felt completely comfortable, going at a nice pace with lots of facts and jokes thrown in by the guide. I would definitely come back and take a different tour, maybe the night time one, as I was only here for a day and a half.
02.06.2018 / Guided tour review «Moscow: City Sightseeing by Car/Bus»
Kelvin and Gina
Having spent a few days in Saint Petersburg, we took the train to Moscow and were a bit lit with where to start, when my wife found this tour on the internet. We quickly booked on and off we went. Well, what a perfect way to be shown around the city. Irina was so full of information and smiles, made us so comfortable throughout as well. Thanks so much from both of us, it was an unforgettable experience!
01.06.2018 / Guided tour review «Moscow: City Sightseeing by Car/Bus»
The McGregors
Quality tour with an expert guide. There is just too much to see to go it alone and not only do you get taken to see Moscow’s highlight, you also get an interesting history lesson to boot! The tour was paced well and it felt like nothing was left out 5*! Many thanks indeed to the company and to Olga in particular!!!
30.05.2018 / Guided tour review «Moscow: City Sightseeing by Car/Bus»
This was not my first time in Russia’s capital, I had come here as a teen on a school trip and I wanted to revisit all the glories places I saw previously. I booked onto the tour and I was not let down, it far far more enjoyable than I remember when we were dragged from place to place by the guide. Totally recommend this tour, even if you have seen it all before. I got so much more out of it this way.
27.05.2018 / Guided tour review «The Armoury Chamber»
Angie and Dave

This is what I would call a museum of Tsarist ‘bling’. The workmanship of the items on display were both truly spectacular and our guide, Galina, was able to tell my wife and I all about them. Thanks a lot!

16.05.2018 / Guided tour review «Moscow Kremlin»

The administrative headquarters of the region, a permanent modern art museum and another temporary, I learnt so much and finally got to visit somewhere I always wanted since a child. Thanks Svetlana, for an brilliant time!

08.05.2018 / Guided tour review «Moscow: City Sightseeing by Car/Bus»
Mary Jane & Peter
What an extraordinary city, this tour was the perfect way to see most of what Moscow has to offer, we thought about just taking to the city on our own but boy are we glad we didn’t! Not only was our guide (sorry, we can’t remember your name!) full of facts, but also brimming with passion. Some of our friends are travelling to Moscow soon and we have recommended this as the best way to get a good feel for the city and its sights.
15.04.2018 / Guided tour review «Moscow Kremlin»

A large complex in which to spend an entire morning or afternoon to be able to visit all the exhibitions it contains. Lots concerning the history of the Kremlin and its buildings can be learned from this tour. I very much recommend!

14.04.2018 / Guided tour review «The Armoury Chamber»

I'm not really a museum person, but I felt I had to visit the Armoury and so I took this tour. What an awesome experience! The artifacts on display are really worth seeing and you will learn a lot from your guide. Awesome.

31.03.2018 / Guided tour review «Moscow Kremlin»

I already knew a little about the Kremlin before I went on the tour, or so I thought! Our guide was so knowledgable and informative, I would recommend this tour to any one visiting Moscow.

17.03.2018 / Guided tour review «The Armoury Chamber»

If you are in Moscow and you what to feel Russian beautiful art, then you will not regret taking this tour. There aren’t just weapons, but also jewels, crowns and of course, the world famous Fabergé eggs. Our guide was so knowledgeable 10/10 recommend.  

11.02.2018 / Guided tour review «The Diamond Fund»

We came over for a short trip and knew that we wanted to see what was on offer in the Kremlin. We decided to take a tour because we felt it would be much more informative and we were right! Our guide, (insert guide’s name), was fantastic and we came away feeling like experts ourselves, not to mention the beauty of what we saw inside the Fond! Thanks so much! 5/5, couldn’t recommend it more!

10.02.2018 / Guided tour review «Moscow Kremlin»
John & Family

We hadan amazing time, especially because of our great tour guide! The place is interesting for adults and kids; boys and girls. We learned a lot about Russian history just by visiting the place!

09.01.2018 / Guided tour review «The Diamond Fund»

What an amazing collection! This really is something you have to see with your own eyes, as no photography is permitted inside. It truly is marvellous and the history that goes with the pieces is unbelievable, what skill, what a sight, what a tour! I have never seen anything like it. I am so glad I made time for this when I was in Moscow.

05.01.2018 / Guided tour review «The Armoury Chamber»

What a brilliant tour! You are treated to see the belongings of the Tzars and Tzarina's including the crown jewels, dinnerware, clothing etc. If you are a history buff you'll love the tour of the Armoury.