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We invite you to go on a journey … into a fairy tale. But you do not need to travel on a flying carpet into a magical kingdom, you can just get on a bus and come on our excursion to the quiet town of Pereslavl-Zalessky, surrounded by beautiful lakes, marshes and dense forests. The places guard many secrets and mysteries. From the depths of the ages have come down to us legends of the magical properties of the mysterious Blue Rock on the shore of Lake Pleshcheevo. This region was at one time inhabited by the Berendey tribe who worshipped nature  and aimed to live in harmony with it. They believed that their king, also called Berendey, had his residence in the forests nearby. Centuries passed and the powerful forces of Nature still reign supreme in Pereslavl.  Still not sure? We invite you to visit the legendary palace of King Berendey the Wise, learn about the legends of this region and experience its unique charm!

In our program:

  • Explore old Pereslavl, this quiet town «behind the woods and the fields», shrouded with an aura of myths and legends.  You will see Red Square with its 12th century church, surrounded by ancient earthworks, Lake Pleshcheevo and the famous Blue Rock, which has been here since the last Ice Age, and several Orthodox cathedrals, churches and monasteries.
  • Enjoy a colorful festival for the whole family in the Home of Berendey, with traditional folk dances, jokes, riddles, entertainments and games. Wise King Berendey himself with his comic servants will greet you on the carved porch of his house, and offer you bread and salt - the traditional symbols of hospitality - and delicious mead. Both children and adults will be able to try their hand at traditional Russian games of skill.
  • Visit the former Goritsky monastery, founded on the site of an ancient pagan temple in the 14th Century, during the reign of Ivan Kalita. It is now the home of the Pereslavl-Zalessky Historical Museum, with a fascinating collection of art and exhibits relating to the history and folklore of the town.
  • Visit the «The Boat of Fortune» exhibition in the Peter the Great's Boat Museum. Pereslavl is known as the cradle of the Russian navy, as it is here, on Lake Pleshcheevo that the young Tsar Peter launched his first «toy» flotilla of 100 boats - of which only one survives - the «Fortune». The Museum was built in 1803 to house the boat, and is the oldest museum in Russia outside St. Petersburg or Moscow.

This excursion to the magical town of Pereslavl-Zalessky is a wonderful chance to escape from the big city and experience one of Russia’s most beautiful and historic landscapes.


The tour bus departs for Pereslavl-Zalessky. Information about the town
Arrive at Pereslavl-Zalessky. Excursion around Pereslavl-Zalessky: The architectural ensemble of Red Square with its 12th Century earthwork ramparts, Nikolsky Convent, a panoramic view of Lake Pleshcheevo, journey to the lake
The «Boat of Fortune» exhibition in the Peter the Great’s Boat Museum
Lunch in the «Fisch Herberg» (Tsar’s Herring) Restaurant
Folklore program at the House of Berendey, with a complimentary drink of mead
Master class in painting carved wooden figures (separate payment) Those not talking part in the master class will visit the workshop where the figures are made and then a souvenir shop
Tour around the former Goritsky Monastery, home to Pereslavl-Zalessky Historical Museum, including a visit to the Uspensky Cathedral and the 18th century bell tower (May-October)
Departure for Moscow
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  • Transport
  • Guide
  • Entrance to museums
  • Guided tours of all museums
  • Lunch (fixed menu) at the Fisch Herberg (Tsar’s Herring) Restaurant
  • Master Class at the House of Berendey
Originally called Pereyaslavl, the town was founded in 1152 by Count Yuri Dolgorukiy as a fortified post on the frontier between the Rostov and Suzdal principalities. From 1175-1302 it was the centre of the Pereslavl Principality, and then it became part of the Moscow Principality and one of the trade centers on the route from Moscow to Arkhangelsk.
Pereslavl-Zalessky’s Red Square
The Transfiguration Cathedral in Pereslavl-Zalessky’s Red Square was founded by Yuri Dolgorukiy in 1152. It is the best preserved of the five early medieval white stone churches in North East Russia and many of the Counts of Pereslavl were christened here including Alexander Nevsky.
Peter the Great's Boat Museum
This is one of the oldest Russian museums. It was near here, on Lake Pleshcheevo that Peter the Great built his famous “toy’ flotilla of 100 boats - the origin of the Russian Navy. Only one of those boats survives - the Fortuna, on display in the museum’s Boat House. You can also see a monument and obelisk to Peter the Great, and the White Palace, which contains many interesting and unique exhibits relating to the foundation of the Russian Navy.
Fisch Herberg (Tsar’s Herring) Restaurant
This museum complex and restaurant, built and decorated in an 18th Century style, is dedicated to the ryapushka - a fresh-water fish similar to herring that lives in the lake and is the symbol of Pereslavl-Zalessky. Visitors can measure their height against the life-sized statue of Peter the Great, and learn about traditional recipes for salted, marinated and smoked fish.
House of Berendey
In the House of King Berendey you will enter the timeless world of Russian legend. Wise King Berendey’s merry servants will greet you on the threshold of his magical palace with bread and salt - the age-old Russian symbols of hospitality, songs and jokes - and a cup of mead. Then the legendary King Berendey himself will come out onto the porch and welcome you into his house to join in a joyful traditional festival.
The Goritsky Monastery of the Assumption
Now a museum, the Monastery of the Assumption was founded in the first half of the 14th century by Ivan Daniilovich Kalita, Grand Duke of Vladimir. The monastery’s name comes from the hill, or «goritsa» on which it was built. Like many monasteries, it also served as a fortress and had a military role. It was within the walls of this monastery that Dmitry Prilutsky, a close associate of Sergius of Radonezh, entered into holy orders.

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