Trip Tour of Moscow (1 day): City Sightseeing + Lunch at the "Seventh Heaven" restaurant + Ostankino TV Tower + Museum of Cosmonautics (Option 3)

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In this excursion we will show you the highlights of Moscow from a comfortable tour bus - and then take you to the Ostankino television tower, which was completed in 1967 and is still the tallest structure in Europe. The modern high-speed lifts will take you up to the observation deck in a few seconds. The panorama of the city is unparalleled. From the 18th Century Ostankino palace and the VDNKh park nearby to the skyscrapers of Moscow City and the distant Kremlin, you will see the whole of Moscow laid out before you as if on a map. Then you will have lunch in Seventh Heaven, the tower’s famous rotating restaurant. 330 meters about ground level, restaurant takes 40 minutes to rotate 360 degrees. You are guaranteed a table by the window, the best view in Moscow and delicious food in an elegant minimalist interior. Next, you will visit another wonder of 1960s modernism - the futuristic Space Monument, which celebrates Yury Gagarin’s historic space flight in 1961. In the base of the monument the Cosmonautics Museum tells the story of the Soviet Space program. You will see original space capsules, space suits and helmets, and learn about the challenges of living in a low-gravity environment.


Sightseeing tour: Moscow Asks You on a Date (includes transport)
Lunch at the "Seventh Heaven" restaurant
Guided tour of Ostankino Tower: Moscow on The Palm of Your Hand
Guided tour of the Museum of Cosmonautics: Touch the Stars
End of tour


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We'll pick you up at your hotel (please let us know if you prefer a different meeting point.
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Please make sure you are in your hotel's lobby for the tour at the agreed time, we'll take care of the rest!
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You can adjust the time of the tours in the program as needed. Please let us know in comments to the booking.


  • Transportation (4 hours for the sightseeing tour)
  • English-speaking guide for the entire programme
  • Entrance fees to museums
  • Lunch at the "Seventh Heaven" restaurant
  • Guided tours according to the programme
Bolshoi Theatre
One of the largest theatres in Russia and one of the most significant in the world of opera and ballet. In action since 1825, the Bolshoi firmly holds its position as the leading cultural establishment in Russia. Mos-Tour offers both walking tours (that include views of the Bolshoi) and guided excursions behind the scene!
Alexander Garden
A park, located at the western wall of the Moscow Kremlin. It stretches from the Revolyutsii Square to the Kremlin Embankment. The park was founded in 1812. The park consists of three parts: the Upper, Middle and Lower Gardens. It features such historical objects as the Kremlin's Kutafya Tower, the Italian Grotto, the obelisk in honor of the 300th Anniversary of the House of Romanov and more. The Post #1 of the Honor Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier has been located here since 1997.
Cathedral of Christ the Saviour
The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is the largest Orthodox cathedral in Russia, being of at least the same importance to Moscow as the Kremlin and Red Square. The history of Russia of the 19th and 20th centuries is mirrored in the history of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. This majestic memorial cathedral erected on the bank of the Moskva River opposite the Kremlin was built to gratify God for saving Russia from Napoleon’s invasion.
St. Basil's Cathedral
It is one of the most significant monuments of Old Russian architecture of the 16th century. The Intercession Cathedral has unique wall paintings, an impressive collection of Old Russian icon painting and masterpieces of church art. The interiors of the ensemble of ten churches reflect the four-century history of the church.
Vorobyovy Hills
Vorobyovy Hills named after the village Vorobyovo, is a famous Moscow park, located on one of the so called "Seven hills of Moscow". It`s a green hill on the bank of the Moskva river, huge beautiful park, pedestrian embankment, river station, and observation platform, which gives the best panorama of the city, Moskva River, and a view of Moscow State University, it`s close to. No words or even photos can describe just how gorgeous picture of Moscow is, which takes your breath away. You`ll see it`s really rich for the sights.
Poklonnaya Hill
The Victory Park on the Poklonnaya Hill is one of the largest memorial complexes in Russia and abroad. The memorial dedicated to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War was opened on May 9, 1995 between Kutuzovsky Prospekt Avenue and Minskaya Street, but the Victory Park was made here much earlier – in 1961. The Poklonnaya Hill was mentioned for the first time in written sources of the 14th century. It was here where Napoleon unsuccessfully waited for keys to the city to be brought to him in 1812.
House on the Embankment
The House on the Embankment is a block-wide apartment house in downtown Moscow, Russia. It faces Bersenevskaya Embankment on one side and Serafimovicha Street on the other side. It was completed in 1931 as the Government Building, a residence for the Soviet elite. It was designed by Boris Iofan.
Museum of Cosmonautics
The Museum of Cosmonautics – one of the largest research and technology museums in the world – is located on the ground floor of the Monument to Conquerors of Space (VDNKh metro station). In the museum, you can see exhibits testifying the first achievements and success of national space exploration, including the first spacesuits, the first artificial satellites of the Earth, spacecraft for Moon exploration and exploration of other planets of the solar system.
Ostankino TV Tower
The 540-meter Ostankino TV Tower is one of the symbols of Moscow. The tower is the eighth in the top ten of the world's tallest structures, and also the first in Europe and the fourth in the world among the highest TV towers. Its construction, which lasted seven years, was completed in 1967. In 2000, the tower caught fire, resulting in burnout of its three floors.
Russian State Library
The Russian State Library (RSL) is the largest library in Russia, the second largest library in the world. It was founded in 1862 and was a part of the Moscow Public and Rumyantsev Museums. From the moment of foundation the Library has been receiving the legal deposit copies of all publications released in Russia.
State Duma of the Russian Federation
The building of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on Hunter's Row was built in 1935 to form a new image of the capital. Here at different times housed the Council of Labor and Defense, the State Planning Commission and the Council of Ministers. The building became a true symbol of Moscow.

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