Moscow Kremlin
Located on the Borovitsky hill on the left bank of the Moskva River, the Kremlin is the most famous attraction of Moscow. For many years, it was the center of the state and the center of power in Russia. Russian tsars used to rule the country from here; right now it is the residence of the President of the Russian Federation. It is the most visited place in Moscow together with the Red Square. The first fortresses on the site of the Moscow Kremlin were built in the 11th century. Initially, they were simple wooden fences with guard towers. The wooden walls were first replaced by white-stone walls in 1367 (during the reign of Prince Dmitry Donskoy).
The Bolshoi Theatre
One of the largest theatres in Russia and one of the most significant in the world of opera and ballet. In action since 1825, the Bolshoi firmly holds its position as the leading cultural establishment in Russia. Mos-Tour offers both walking tours (that include views of the Bolshoi) and guided excursions behind the scene!

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