Climate, geography and recreational resources of the Kamchatka Territory allow us to welcome tourists all year round. Thermal and mineral springs, volcanoes and glaciers, the world famous Geyser Valley, varied flora and fauna, most places untouched by man.

Very diverse: from stationary rest with regular excursions program up to exclusive tours, including hunting and fishing, horseback riding, ornithological travel, cruises in the Avacha Bay, underwater sports.


Take your pick:

  • trekking and hiking
  • climbing volcanoes and mountain peaks
  • rafting on mountain and plain rivers combined with sports and recreational fishing
  • extreme skiing, such as downhill from the volcanos using helicopters (heliskiing) and cross-country ski tours
  • diving — underwater world of the cold waters of Kamchatka are a riot of living forms and colours
  • photo safari
  • snowmobile and SUP rides
  • excursions and cruises to the Commander and Kuril Islands, flights over active volcanoes

The region is rich in water resources: there are up to 14,000 rivers and streams, about 100,000 large and small lakes, 414 glaciers with a total area of 871.1 sq.km. On the territory of Kamchatka 30 active and 150 extinct volcanoes, 274 mineral springs, 160 of which are hot, there are 37 species of wild animals, all kinds of Pacific salmon.

Kamchatka — a paradise for wildlife admirers and fishing enthusiasts.

Our guests can spot the brown bear, the largest in Eurasia, the bighorn sheep, elk, lynx and wood grouse, goose and partridge. Rainbow trout, all kinds of Pacific salmon (some specimens reach a weight of 15-40 kg) caught by spinning and fly fishing method.

The most picturesque places one can imagine, such as the Valley of Geysers, Nalychevo Nature Park, Lake Kuril, on Khodutkinskie, Tumrokski and Malkinski hot springs, rivers Zhupanova and opal, in the hunting grounds and areas of sport fishings built tourist centers, campsites with full-service shelters , equipped with parking, stationary hunting camps and lodges.

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Kamchatka is waiting for you!