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Экскурсионно-туристическая компания «Мос-Тур» ПН-ПТ 9:00 - 19:00, СБ 10:00 - 15:00, ВС - выходной день

Feedback on the tour Behind the mysterious Kremlin walls

A large complex in which to spend an entire morning or afternoon to be able to visit all the exhibitions it contains. Lots concerning the history of the Kremlin and its buildings can be learned from this tour. I very much...

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22.04.2017 / Pierre

The administrative headquarters of the region, a permanent modern art museum and another temporary, I learnt so much and finally got to visit somewhere I always wanted since a child. Thanks Olga, for an brilliant...

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12.04.2017 / Vanessa

It is a place that travels much of the history of Russia, where many historical events occurred, you can see ancient weapons and armour, learn about history and also see where the president lives. A really great...

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02.04.2017 / Pablo

I already knew a little about the Kremlin before I went on the tour, or so I thought! Our guide was so knowledgable and informative, I would recommend this tour to any one visiting Moscow.

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25.03.2017 / Humphrey

The Kremlin is a must-see in Moscow, we went on the tour with Galina and didn’t know what to expect but WOW, there is so much to learn about Russian history here! Our personal favourite was seeing the bell, what a shame it has never rung, it's...

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12.03.2017 / Peter

We had an amazing time, especially because of our great tour guide! The place is interesting for adults and kids; boys and girls. We learned a lot about Russian history just by visiting the place!

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04.03.2017 / John

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